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Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Proposal

Critical Incident Task Assignment Program


The Caldwell and Nampa Police, along with Canyon County Sheriff’s Office have worked together to implement programs that allow deputies and officers to collaborate towards a common goal.  Some of these goals include the control of: gangs, drugs, and violent crimes. The three agencies, along with other task forces, have designed and executed project “Street Sweeper”, a night-time event that allows officers from several different agencies to come together to confront the above mentioned crimes and situations.  In 2006, “Street Sweeper” assisted officers in locating several gang members, and gave them the opportunity to target certain gang leaders, which eventually led to their arrest and subsequent convictions on serious felony charges.  In doing so, two major gangs in Canyon County have been disassembled, providing the county’s residents with security and peace of mind.  They were also able to remove numerous weapons and drugs from the street.  The project continued through 2007, and is slated to continue for as long as it is feasible to do so.  While these agencies pull together their resources, it is an absolute necessity that they are afforded additional monies to allow programs like this to continue.


In the event that grant money is awarded from this program, it is our intention to use these funds to support special task activities that require a collaborative effort between different agencies. These activities and projects might not occur without this funding.  Budgeting and funding for the police department is quite restricted, as it is for the county government generally.  Overtime is closely monitored.  A high percentage of the budgets are used for payroll and benefits, which restricts the abilities of the agencies to implement programs that are necessary to the safety of the citizens.  In addition, all agencies are in need of more money to add to their budgets in order to keep certain objective and programs in place.


It is our proposal that the $42,443.00 grant funds will be shared equally by Caldwell Police Department, Canyon County Sheriff’s Office and Nampa Police Department to fund overtime for special task assignments that may include:

  • Surveillance
  • Gang sweeps
  • Saturation patrols
  • Curfew Sweeps
  • Intel gathering and follow-up
  • Repeat offenders program
  • Motorcycle patrol
  • Bike patrol

The three agencies have agreed to have the City of Caldwell administer the funds by establishing an interest bearing trust account.  The City of Caldwell will distribute funds to the other two agencies in equal amounts.  Each agency will be responsible for distribution and documentation of overtime funds for their employees.  No matching funds are required by local government entities.  The City of Caldwell will be responsible for the progress reports which will include input from Nampa Police Department and the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office.  A quarterly meeting between the agencies will be held to review the progress of the program and the expenditures by each department.


This grant will provide funds for the Caldwell Police Department, Nampa Police Department and the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office to work together to carry out special task assignments to help curb gang and street crime by providing overtime funds for each department.



To encourage input from community members, this proposal has been posted on the City of Caldwell website at

 Contact the Caldwell Police Department: 110 South 5th Avenue, Caldwell, ID 83605, 208-455-3115 or AskCaldwellPD. 

Posted Monday, July 28, 2008 2:10:00 PM


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