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Welcome to the Planning & Zoning Department for the City of Caldwell, Idaho.  It is the responsibility of the Planning & Zoning Department to provide for the administration and implementation of the City's Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance and Comprehensive Plan. The Department serves as the technical advisor on planning and zoning issues before the City Council and the Planning & Zoning Commission or Hearing Examiner.
The Department also assists the public with compliance to zoning requirements including the interpretation of the zoning ordinance, subdivision ordinance and the submittal of hearing applications for the said ordinances. The Mapping Department can can provide maps of the City of Caldwell.

Please select the following link to view minutes, agendas, case files, development agreements and orders of decision for Planning and Zoning land use cases.

Please contact us at (208) 455-4667 to schedule a time to discuss your project with one of our planners.

Caldwell's current population count is 46,800

Contact Information
Department of Planning & Zoning
621 Cleveland Blvd.
Caldwell, Idaho 83605
Phone: (208) 455-3021
Fax: (208) 455-3050
Email: P&
Planning & Zoning:
Brian Billingsley, AICP
Planning & Zoning Director

Phone: (208)455-4666
Jarom Wagoner
Senior Planner
Phone: (208)455-4662

April Cabello
Planning Technician

Phone: (208)455-4667
Code Enforcement:
Katie Phillips
Phone: (208)455-4665
Hearing Examiner:
Jerome Mapp
P & Z Commission:
Chairperson Ed Doty-Pomoransky
Vice-Chair Commissioner Roger Page
Commissioner Kenneth Scholz
Commissioner Dana Vance
   Commissioner Jeremy Feucht 
Commissioner Carlos Soriano
Pending Case Files

Planning & Zoning Commission

Hearing Examiner

SUB-01(P)-13 Sienna Hills Subdivision Preliminary Plat

SUP-05-14 Airgas USA LLC Special Use 

 City Council 

ZON-01-14 SUP-03-14 Ashley Manor Assisted Living

OA-01-14 Zoning Map & Comp Plan Map Update / Amendment


Code Enforcement
Download zip

Files / Folders File Size Posted By Date Posted Actions
Caldwell Code Enforcement Tips _2_.pdf
18k ccd 1/21/10  
Parks and Recreation Master Plan / Pathways and Bike Routes Master Plan
Download zip

Files / Folders File Size Posted By Date Posted Actions
Parks and Recreation Master Plan - adopted 2-1-2010 - complete.pdf
1551k ccd 12/2/11  
Pathways and Bike Routes Master Plan 2010.pdf
1537k ccd 2/10/10  
Comprehensive Plan and Map
Download zip

Files / Folders File Size Posted By Date Posted Actions
Offical Comp 2012 Signed.pdf
4833k ccd 3/27/13  
Comprehensive Plan - adopted May 2010.pdf
1786k ccd 6/17/10  
Download zip

Files / Folders File Size Posted By Date Posted Actions
Caldwell Downtown Framework Masterplan.pdf
61143k jmenchaca 11/2/10  
City Center Zoning District Design Guidelines.pdf
32780k ccd 8/27/09  
City of Caldwell Noise Mitigation.pdf
307k ccd 5/10/10  
Fee Schedule for 2013-2014.pdf
10k ccd 9/27/13  
Steunenberg Residental Hist Dist Design Guidelines.pdf
1606k ccd 1/29/13